Special Dispatch to the New York Times from Baltimore

November 12, 1860/2010
Volume 1, Issue 5 (5 Issues Since 15 October 2010)
Special Dispatch to the New York Times from Baltimore

November 16, 1860:

On Tuesday following Lincoln’s victory, a special dispatch to the New York Times from Baltimore, Maryland shows how divisive the results were.

Information from Charleston says the wildest enthusiasm prevails. The women emulate the men in their enthusiasm for secession. The Palmetto Flag is everywhere flying. Business, however, is stagnant. Not a single bale of cotton was being shipped North on Southern account. Every third man wears a cockade, and only two Unionist voters are known in Charleston…

North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Texas are confidently expected to unite in secession. A communication is to be sent to the Governors of Maryland and other States, asking their cooperation. The Charlestonians think Baltimorians will refuse to allow LINCOLN’s officers in Baltimore to hold their places.

Conservative Virginians are taking a strong stand against the precipitate action of the extremists in the South. Indications are now increasing that the Union people of the South are determined to take a stand against disunion, and will soon call public meetings to express the public sentiment. It is believed that the South will be prominently divided on the subject, preponderating against a dismemberment of the States.

Submitted by Tom Ledoux

South Carolina's Palmetto Flag

South Carolina’s Palmetto Flag

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